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MOLD INSPECTION & LAB TESTS in San Diego, California

Serving San Diego County for mold inspections and mold testing, Tenants’ rights/Landlord rights, and Code Enforcement letters. Certified Mold hygienist and Certified Advanced Mold Inspector.

Beware of Mold Inspection Companies that also do Mold Remediation Repairs. Their testing is designed to offer a Free Inspection, but drive up the cost through Mold Remediation. Ask questions, remember nothing is FREE! Use an unbiased Certified Mold Inspector.

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Hi, I'm William O'Gorman, Owner of Mold Inspections and Lab Tests in San Diego, Calif.
Tenants Rights & Landlord Rights Specialist
When someone calls me they think that they may have a unique mold problem and they don't know where to start. The first thing is we have to determine if you do indeed have a mold problem or water damage problem and then we can start from there.

  • Home sellers - Doing a pre-sale home mold inspection would be a wise idea. When it comes to detected mold and water problems, it generally happens near the end of the escrow and there may not be enough time to correct the problem.  The deal may fall apart and then you still have to fix the problem for the next buyer, and who knows when they may come along? It's good insurance to have a pre-sale mold inspection.

  • Home Buyers - You only have one shot to find out potential problems while you are in escrow. When I walk into a home for the inspection, I have the attitude that someone is hiding something from my customer. I have thousands of mold inspections under my belt, and I have made my customers thousands of dollars. If you are buying a bank-owned house, you have to remember that the bank has nothing to disclose and also the previous owner had no money to fix any mold or water problems. I have a nice system for this and with the proper documentation in your hands, we can get all of these problems fixed or the costs deducted from the sale. Don't be fooled when the bank says, "It's an as-is sale." It's an as-is sale when they have the money in their hands. If your deal falls through for any reason, then the bank has documentation that they have to disclose to the next buyer that may be a year down the road. My system works.  That's why I am used by hundreds of realtors in San Diego County.

  • Realtors - What I know about this mold business is that I would not buy a shack in this state without the proper inspections. The buyer is relying on you to guide them through the biggest purchase of their life. When a buyer moves into their new home and they start finding major problems that could have been detected by proper inspections, the first person they want to sue is the realtor. You want to do the right thing for your customer and you. Our lab report documentation will help protect you at the close of escrow.

  • Homeowners - If you or a family member has health concerns, mold spores may be the problem. There are many conditions associated with mold. We have to determine what types of mold we are dealing with, and you may have to go to a doctor who specializes in mold. A home inspection and air quality test may help you identify the problem or eliminate it. I have taken over 25,000 lab samples and completed over 7,500 home inspections, so you know you are in good hands.

  • Prices - I purchase, in advance, 1,000 prepaid lab tests and by doing this, I receive a big discount and I pass these savings on to my customers. In some cases, we may need more than two tests. I would rather you over-test than under-test. I do not make extra money on the extra test. Home inspection and two free lab tests are $239. Any additional tests if we need them are $25 extra per test.

toxic mold remediationMold remediation San Diego may not be needed. Let us do all the pre-testing and free inspection to determine if you really have a problem.

Toxic mold remediation San Diego? Use our free inspections with lab tests to find out if the mold really is toxic!

Mold removal and remediation San Diego should be done by professionals to make sure they will pass our clearance tests, mold inspection San Diego with winter discount will be given this month.

Mold inspector San Diego does mold testing, with 8 years experience and will advise you.

At Mold Inspections & Lab Tests, Inc., we respect the value of responsible inspections and tests. We work hard so our customers can have peace of mind after the successful completion of our services. We are a multi-functional, cohesive team, with outstanding skills and extensive experience in professional mold inspections. We will provide you with the best inspections possible. Please visit the other pages of our web site and find out more about the services we offer.

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